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What are Ombre Brows?

Ombré shading is a semi-permanent eyebrow styling technique that uses a small machine to place extremely thin dots of pigment into the skin, creating a soft-shaded brow pencil look. 

How long is the appointment?

You should prepare to spend between two and three  hours on average at the appointment. During your appointment, we will measure and draw on a symmetrical set of brows and agree on your perfect shape and color. The touch-up appointment will take about an hour.

Is the follow up appointment included?

The touchup is not included. It is a separate appointment. The touchup is $75.

How long does OMBRE last?

Ombre brows typically last 2-3 years for most people. The treatment is considered semi-permanent and will fade over time. Touch-ups are recommended every 1-2 years to maintain shape, color, and detail. How often depends on a number of factors including:

 -Skin type (Oily skin fades faster)

– Pigment Color used (Lighter colors fade faster)

– Sun Exposure: (Over time can cause fading and discoloration of the pigment)

– Use of daily anti-aging products (These products increase your cell turnover rate and will shorten the life of your cosmetic tattoo).

Does it hurt?

A liquid anesthetic is used during the procedure. Some clients may feel a slight discomfort, but its relatively pain free for the most part. (Please Note: If you are a frequent smoker, or have your appointment during your menstrual cycle, the pain level could be intensified?

Can I get ombre brows if I am pregnant?

As a precaution to avoid any complications, we do not perform cosmetic tattooing on pregnant women.

What should I do before my ombre procedure?

-Do not work out 48 hours before the procedure

-If possible, come with your eyebrows penciled in so that we can see how you like them

-If you have an ideal shape and color in mind, bring some reference photos to your appointment.

– If you regularly get your eyebrows shaped, waxed, threaded, or tinted, please do so at least 3 days before your appointment.

– You must stop using Retinol, Glycolic acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic acid, and alpha hydroxyls two weeks before your appointment and avoid using it for 2 weeks following your appointment. These products thin the skin and do not produce good results.

– If you get Botox or dermal fillers regularly, please get that done no later than 2 weeks before your appointment so that your brows are symmetrical as possible.

-Avoid chemical peels at least 4 weeks prior to your appointment.

Avoid direct sun exposure and tanning for 2 weeks before and after your procedure. Please do not come to your appointment with a sunburn.

-Avoid alcohol, caffeine, ibuprofen, fish oil, vitamin E, or any blood thinning medications 24 hours prior to your appointment.

-If you have been on prescription Accutane in the past, you must wait at least 1 year before getting Ombre brows.

If you plan on going on vacation, it is recommended to plan your trip a minimum 10 days after the procedure due to the aftercare maintenance.

What should I expect during the healing process?

Immediately following the procedure, the tattooed area will appear to be darker and bolder in color and more sharply defined. This is normal and will last 3-4 days. Swelling and redness is minimal with most clients and will disappear within 24-48 hours. The treated area may feel a little like sunburn but should only be minimal discomfort.

The complete healing process takes about 4-8 weeks. At this time, the true color of the tattoo will be evident. During this process, your tattoo will soften and lighten. This is also normal. Please wait at least 4 weeks to see the true color. At 4 weeks, your touchup/adjustment can be done. Together, we will re-evaluate how your skin has received the pigment and make any changes necessary. Healed results will vary with each individual client and using a pencil or powder may still be needed. Additional sessions (charged accordingly) may be required to obtain desired results. If your cosmetic tattoo does not heal perfectly the first time, don’t worry. We can always go bolder and add more density during the touch up. Please note that final results cannot be guaranteed as each unique skin type will hold pigments differently and break down at different rates.

  • Always wash hands before touching your eyebrows

 Week 1: Keep the tattooed area clean by rinsing with lukewarm water and patting with a disposable paper towel 3 times a day. Then apply a thin layer of the aftercare ointment provided. You can apply this using a disposable cotton swab. You may shower or bathe normally but avoid using any soaps or cleansers on the treated area for the first week as they can be detrimental to the bonding process that must take place for the pigment to stabilize in the dermis.

Week 2: Keep cleaning with lukewarm water twice a day for the second week. Do not apply ointment. Do Not pick or scratch at the dry skin/flakiness. Let the skin fall off naturally. Picking can cause scarring and premature loss of pigment. Important: Once the flakes have fallen off, a shiny layer of healing skin will appear as though the eyebrows are gone. Within 1-2 weeks, the color will slowly reappear at a lighter shade as your skin regenerates.

  • You must avoid working out for 1 week. Light exercising is allowed (minimal sweating) but you must clean the area with lukewarm water as soon as you’re done exercising. Salt in the sweat will fade the pigment very fast and will give poor results.

  • Avoid direct sun exposure and tanning beds for the first 14 days. You must wear a hat while outside during the healing process

  • Do not apply makeup to the tattooed area for the first 2 weeks.

  • Do not use any swimming pools, jacuzzies or other bodies of water for two weeks.

  • Do not soak your face in the bathtub or allow the shower to spray you directly in the face for two weeks.

  • Avoid sleeping on your face/brows for 10-14 days.

  • Do not scrub or pick the treated areas.

  • Do not dye ore tweeze eyebrows for at least 10 days after the procedure.

Once Healed

-Once completely healed, you may apply sunscreen on the treated area. Wear sunglasses and large hat for further protection from the Sun. Exposure to the sun over time can cause fading and discoloration of the pigment. Always rinse and dry thoroughly when in contact with chlorine.

-Face peels and exfoliation, Glycolic Acid, and Retin-A must be kept away from the tattooed area. Continued use can cause the pigment to lighten.

 -If you plan on getting any type of laser hair removal or laser resurfacing once your eyebrows have healed, make sure to inform the laser technician. Laser procedures can darken, lighten, or discolor the tattooed area.

 -Maintain removal of unwanted brow hair outside of your eyebrows by waxing, threading, tweezing, or razoring.

-Yearly eyebrow tattoo touch-ups are recommended to maintain your results.

Ombre is not recommended for anyone who are or have any of the following:

-Anyone under 18

-Pregnant or nursing

-Using any skin care products that contain any retinol, glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, or alpha hydroxyls (stop use 2-3 weeks before getting ombre)

-Chemical peels or PRP facial (at least 60 days prior)

-History of Keloids or hypertrophic scarring

-Chemotherapy (at least a year out and requires doctor’s clearance)

-History of Epilepsy, MRSA, or lupus

– Diabetic (requires doctor’s clearance)

-Pacemaker or major heart problems

-Organ transplant

-Viral Infections or diseases

-Had Botox in the last 2 weeks

-Currently taking antibiotics (must be off for at least 30 days prior to appointment)

-Allergic to epinephrine dermacaine, benzyl, alcohol, lidocaine, or tetracaine

-Uncontrolled high blood pressure

-Problematic skin ( Acne or bumps covering the forehead or brow area)

-Using Accutane ( Must be off for one year)



Is it permanent?
No, it’s not. It is not a tattoo, it is not invasive, it does not hurt. It simply stains the skin and tints the hair.


How long does it last?

Like anything, results do VARY, however, most of the time you can expect the skin stain to gradually fade over 7-14days and the hair tint 4weeks. As I said though, this is not guaranteed. Sometimes, the stain just doesn’t take well to certain people’s skin. Your lifestyle also plays a big part in the longevity i.e. swimming, excessive sweating, using face products on the eye area etc will all result in your henna brows fading faster than usual.


Does it have to be dark?

NO! We have We also custom blend the tint to best suit each individual client and their desired outcome. If you don’t want your brows to be dark, THATS OK! A lighter tint obviously will fade quicker than a darker one however, again the decision is yours!


Does Stain  last longer than regular tint?
For most people, the answer is yes it does. However, for some people it’s the opposite. This is not something we can control nor guarantee. We make every effort to ensure that you do get a great result. Again, the only way to truly find out is to try it for yourself.


If its too dark, can I fade them quicker?

Yes absolutely. If you want to fade your stain, use products like face cleansers and exfoliators.


  • For the first 24-48hrs you MUST keep your new Stained Brows dry! Avoid any water, sweating, steam, swimming.

  • The Longer you do not touch them with anything, the longer they’ll last.

  • Avoid the use of any cleansers, exfoliants, and retinols directly over your brows. This includes skin peels etc.

  • Do not use makeup wipes or removers on the brow

  • Avoid long hot showers/baths

  • Avoid chlorinated pools, spas and excessive heat such as sauna’s and vigorous workouts as this will dramatically accelerate the fading process.

For best results

  • Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water

  • Do not use any products directly over the brow while you have Hybrid Stain

  • Book your brows every 3 weeks. This will start to build up the stain on your skin and it will last longer.


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